GREAT USE FOR OVER HEATING, POP IN THE FREEZER AND CARRY WITH YOU FOR YOUR HOT FLUSHES ,BENEFIT FROM ICE THERAPY OR EASY-GLIDE MASSAGE WITH THE PTP ICE BALL. USE IT FROZEN FOR A SHORT TIME TO HELP ALLEVIATE ACUTE PAIN BY SIMPLE CONTACT ON AREAS OF TRAUMA. OR USE IT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE TO ROLL OUT MUSCLE RESTRICTIONS AND ACTIVATE BLOOD FLOW. The Ice Ball is designed to provide long-lasting cooling without melting. Use it frozen for instant acute pain relief and swelling reduction. Or use it unfrozen for a frictionless massage that activates blood circulation and boosts recovery.Insulating gel for prolonged cooling and temperature regulation Removable steel ball for easy access to hard-to-reach back muscles Ergonomic, slip-resistant silicone base that comfortably fits fingers MASSAGE Trigger point therapy for myofascial release. Assists in muscle pain relief and relaxation. DIMENSIONS 7.5cm x 6.3cm WEIGHT 236 g

Brand H.A.A.M
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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