When bouts of Period cramps or Endometriosis pain occur, it can often leave women struggling to get through the day and night. The pain and discomfort can make going about daily activities difficult, and most often we resort to holding pillows against our tummies, applying a hot compress, and feeling bloated and uncomfortable from the build-up of gas. Belly Bands Period and Endometriosis Pain Relief Pack is a cost-effective natural option for women to administer self-care when pain and discomfort occur. Suitable for ladies and girls of all ages. Belly Band Tummy Binder (Wear day and night as needed, easily adjust the compression to suit your needs ) Reusable Hot Compress (Heat and place on your tummy or back, can be popped inside your Belly Band for hands-free application) Natural, Gas and Bloating Tea (Specifically formulated for easing gas and bloating) Disposable Underwear (individually wrapped and 100% cotton to save your favourite underwear)

SKU CES-Endokit-4
Brand Belly Bands
Shipping Weight 2.5000kg

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