These Sense & Grow sets from Creative Kids are a great way for a child to not just have fun, but also learn, laugh and embrace their senses too! The Sense & Grow Mix & Match Sensory Textured Rollers & Scented Dough Set offers them hours and hours of fun. This is one of the most fun sets in the entire Sense & Grow line. The idea here is that children are working on various parts of their development as they play. This set is great for imaginative play, creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, and more! So, yes, they will be laughing, smiling, and having fun, but they will also be working on key skills as they do. The Sense & Grow Mix & Match Sensory Textured Rollers & Scented Dough Set comes with three different pots of child-safe dough. I keeping with the “sense” theme of this set, each pot has a different colour and scent. There is berry, orange, and strawberry. Each time they open a pot it is a real blast to the sense! The set also comes with two types of rollers, a dot roller, and stripe roller. They can use these to mold the dough into all kinds of fun and interesting shapes. These rollers each have their own texture which again, is part of the whole sense theming of this set. Suitable for ages 18 months and up. Key Features The three tubs of dough each have their own nice smell The two rollers are different which is fun and will also make them think about shapes and textures The dough is safe for children This is a great gift if you want a child to embrace their creative side Hours and hours of fun can be had with this set

Brand H.A.A.M
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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